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If your planning on building a screened room, Annapolis Deck Works offers a special system that allows each screened panel to be removed, so if they ever get torn or loose maintaining them is made simple and easy. If you’re planning on constructing a three or four season room, Annapolis Deck Works can use any style window you prefer. The choices and styles of windows are almost endless.

Single level decks can be built at ground level or off of a full walkout of a home. Walkout decks can be designed in multiple level decks tied to each other accommodating different grades and slopes of the existing rear yard space.

Creating a pool deck can be as easy as constructing a single level deck or multi-level deck next to an above ground pool or in ground pool. This allows you to access the pool directly off the new deck, making the pool and deck one combined outdoor living area.

We offer complete packages that include delivery and Hot Tub purchasing directly from us. If you have already bought a tub or are in the market for one, Annapolis Deck Works can coordinate your delivery, the electrical hook up as well as the design of a hot tub with a new deck. Custom designs not only will include the specific size and dimensions of the hot tub that you are getting but also the option of completely recessing the hot tub in the deck surface or placing the hot tub directly on top of the deck.

Over the years patios have become a popular outdoor living option since so many new products have come on the market. Natural aggregate and stone can be used for the patio surface as well as concrete pavers which come in a plethora of shapes, sizes, patterns and colors. Patios can be combined with decks, porches and sunrooms. No matter what your dream patio is, Annapolis Deck Works can make your patio dream a reality.




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